script reading


I will give you concise and straightforward feedback (logline + rating grid + comments paragraph), plus detailed notes and suggestions for you to improve your work.


65GBP / feature (under 120pp)

25GBP / short (under 20pp)

I offer discounted rates for students - contact me for more info.

Genuinely really helpful when someone sees the cracks you’ve been trying to paper over! This coverage has been sharper, more comprehensive, and more astute than other reports I’ve payed a decent amount of cash for
— Neal Doran
You hit the nail on the head. Thanks again for taking the time to help with this, it was extremely helpful
— Andrew Pennington
Noemie’s coverage was insightful, constructive and very professional. The turnaround was quick too. I’d thoroughly recommend her services should you need professional script coverage
— Tom Jolliffe
Wow thank you so much for the brilliant feedback! Really comprehensive and well considered. I wasn’t expecting something so detailed and professional, what a lovely surprise. I’m re-drafting at the moment and the stuff you’ve picked up on is pretty much what i’m trying to address so it’s a really big boost to hear I’m going in the right direction
— Chris Tolley
Your feedback is great. It was smart and thoughtful.  It really helps me to see it through someone else’s perspective. You made some valid points
— Steve Savitz
It was very well laid and clear. You raised some very valid points
— David Roberts
Thank you so much for your feedback - it was very useful. I’ll definitely make the changes you suggested as it was never pointed out to me before from other readers
— Rishi Vaja